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Keisa Campbell, "The Beauty Coach"

"Working with Aaja Corinne The Brand has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She has been a jewel sent from God. Aaja is very attentive to detail and very responsive. Her ability to take what you tell her and create is amazing. She is also a detective. If it's out there, she will find it. That was another character trait that I loved about her. It made me feel that she was really vested in my personal brand."

Chanan Dozier, Premier Real Estate Agent & Licensed Loan Originator, Chanan Dozier Real Estate

"I am so grateful for the assistance that you have provided me with. I feel clear and confident that I can build my brand offline and online with intentionality, which is something that I have been wanting to do for some time.


I am always about growing personally, and you really helped me when I needed it most. I have a plan now! Aaja, you are anointed and in your God-given lane!"

Sylvia Duncan, "The Life Detox Coach," The Duncan Approach

"It's difficult to put into words the magnitude of what I've gained from working with you. I now understand my brand and who I serve. That clarity and understanding has given me the confidence I need to make myself visible to my client.

Every time I've worked with you, I've grown. Of course, I've grown in brand clarity, but I've also grown personally. I'm becoming what my brand now demands, a leader.

Thank you for your continued guidance. You always go above and beyond."

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1:1 Personal Brand Coaching

For experts that desire to be the business.


You're an established, seasoned professional who would be considered a subject matter expert based on your background, yet you're the best kept secret outside of the workplace. You have a BIG vision, and you know that you need to expand your reach, so that you can serve more people with your knowledge, talents, skills and gifts. But you're not sure what steps to take to build your following and grow your influence. And you don't know how to package what you have to offer in a way that you can market and monetize. You don't want to waste time with trial and error trying to figure it out on your own. You know that what you have to offer the world is needed now, and you want your debut to be done right.


One-to-one, Personal Brand Coaching offers you expert branding advice, strategic guidance, and high-touch support to take your vision from concept to fruition. Over the course of 12 weeks, I will walk you through my signature, three-phase process for developing a game-changing, personal brand from a 360 degree perspective - streamline, structure, and strategize. During our time together, we'll develop key brand messaging; analyze your target audience; and create signature offers. We'll also map out your client path, systems, and processes; devise an online and offline strategy to build your brand awareness and credibility; perfect your visual brand; and conceptualize your branded personal style.


The Process

Phase One: Streamline


  • Message Development (targeted messaging that effectively communicates who you are, what you do, and your difference)

  • Audience Analysis (a detailed breakdown of audience demographics and psychographics)

  • Brand Essence & Personality Identification (an inside-out analysis of your brand’s makeup that dictates your mode of operation and behaviors)


Phase Two: Structure


  • Competitive Landscape Analysis (a step beyond messaging, competitive landscape analysis will help to determine a point of differentiation in approach)

  • Signature Offers (packaging your skills and gifts into clear offers that you can monetize)

  • Client Path, Systems & Processes (the path that a potential client will follow all the way through becoming a customer and potential repeat customer as well as the systems and processes that you will put in place to deliver a smooth and consistent client experience every time)


Phase Three: Strategize


  • Online Brand (a content strategy focused approach to building community and influence using social media)

  • Offline Brand (a comprehensive strategy that includes events, networking, earned media, associations and collaborations)

  • Visual Brand (a collaboration with graphic and web designers to determine brand colors, typography, as well as style/‘look and feel’ of logo, website, and marketing materials)

  • Personal Style (development of a signature look that complements the essence of your personal brand)


You'll Receive: 


  • (1) 90-minute, introductory, virtual Brand Clarity Call

  • (5) 60-minute, virtual Brand Strategy Sessions

  • Brand Messaging & Audience Analysis Quick Sheet

  • Social Media Strategy plus 90-day, Content Plan Template

  • Signature Offering Development

  • Written highlights recap of our sessions

  • Video and audio recordings of our sessions

  • Priority email support during project period, extended 30 days beyond final session



  • A game-changing concept for your public persona that will highlight your best assets and differentiate you from other major players in your industry 

  • A deeper understanding of your unique value, target audience, and the impact that you will consistently create through your branding efforts

  • Clarity on the big picture as well as effective language to communicate your vision and offers in a way that captivates and converts your ideal audience 

  • Creative ideas for signature products and services to monetize your brand platform

  • Directional strategy and solutions for your most pressing branding challenges

  • Increased awareness of areas of opportunity to further develop and enhance your brand

  • Social media strategy and recommendations to build your audience and influence online

  • Action steps that you can implement immediately in an effort to achieve your branding goals


This session is a good fit for you if:


  • You have trouble communicating who you are and what you do with clarity, simplicity, and in a way that resonates with your audience. 

  • You know what you’re great at, but don’t know how to get people to consistently pay you or pay you more for what you do.

  • Your efforts are random, inconsistent, and not bringing about a significant return on investment.

  • You've made limited progress toward your goals over a reasonable period of time.

  • You are overwhelmed with ideas and don’t know which one you should pursue first.

  • You don’t know how to prioritize the investments needed to get your ideas off the ground.

  • You're not attracting your ideal audience or client.

  • You don't have a professional presence on social media and/or your social media posts get little to no traction.

  • You’re unclear on your “it factors” and why someone should choose you over others in your industry.

  • You need an expert perspective to ensure that you’re developing an offer that will actually sell.

  • You value having the support of an experienced professional to help you minimize your mistakes as well as be more productive and fruitful in your efforts.

  • You want to remain consistent and make significant progress with your goals.


Why work with me?


  • I count my first day of entrepreneurship as the first time someone paid me for what I had to offer. I’m more than 9 years in.

  • I’ve organically grown a collective social media following of nearly 30K.

  • I've doubled my corporate salary and then some in recent years as a self-employed, personal brand strategist and speaker.

  • My personal brand has afforded me the opportunity to work with major companies such as Nike, TEDx, Mielle Organics, and Crème of Nature.

  • My expertise has landed me invitations for more than 70 speaking opportunities, including those hosted by notable educational institutions to the likes of Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • I have a diverse professional background in branding, marketing, fashion, operations, event planning, and public relations, and I’m quite skilled at them all.

  • I'm God-led and desire to see you thrive in life, live up to your full potential, and walk in your purpose.


Investment: $5000

Check out more testimonials from clients about their experience and transformation from working with me here!

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