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CEO, Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC

"After feeling unclear, overwhelmed and disorganized because I have wayyyy to many wonderful ideas, I called Aaja. After a thorough assessment of my needs, we began with an in-depth discussion regarding areas of priority. She asked the right questions and provided honest feedback, which reflected a perfect marriage between my personal goals and industry standards. I left the discussion with a strategic vision and action steps that could be implemented right away. I was THRILLED with the outcome and look forward to the progression of our relationship and my business."



"The Life Detox Coach"

"It's difficult to put into words the magnitude of what I've gained from working with you. I now understand my brand and who I serve. That clarity and understanding has given me the confidence I need to make myself visible to my client."

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Fitness Professional & Mental Health Advocate

"I knew where I wanted to go, but didn't know how to get there until I reached out to Aaja. After that, everything changed. I had a vision for my future, and she took that vision and made it into a tangible product - one that I could physically maneuver and manipulate to the structure of what we discussed.


Aaja earned my trust right away and inspired me to push myself to uncomfortable lengths. I am grateful for Aaja's guiding hand, and I honestly believe that I would not be where I am in this stage of my journey without her honest dialogue."

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Founder, Angela Marcella Group

"I greatly appreciate your expertise and help to clear the clutter. It is such a great feeling to now have a clearer picture and a sense of direction to move forward with building my brand. Your recommendations clearly illustrate that "you get me."



Premier Real Estate Agent & Licensed Loan Originator

"I am so grateful for the assistance that you have provided me with. I feel clear and confident that I can build my brand offline and online with intentionality, which is something that I have been wanting to do for some time. 


I am always about growing personally, and you really helped me when I needed it most. I have a plan now! Aaja, you are anointed and in your God-given lane!"



Beauty & Transformation Coach

"Working with Aaja Corinne The Brand has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She has been a jewel sent from God. Aaja is very attentive to detail and very responsive. Her ability to take what you tell her and create is amazing. She is also a detective. If it's out there, she will find it. That was another character trait that I loved about her. It made me feel that she was really vested in my personal brand."

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