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Stacey Lynn Emerson, Wardrobe Stylist & Owner, HER Treasures Boutique

"You have made my job and my life so much easier!

The content was carefully organized to fit my brand, and it had the voice of my company! You were very punctual with the delivery and even added more details than I asked for. You made sure that my customers understood what my company offered and even suggested things to make my job as stress free as possible.

Aaja, your skill set and ability to deliver exceeds your promise, and I thank you!"

Amy S. Hilliard, Founder & Principal, The Hilliard Group

"You are such a social media beast! There are some powerful folks who aren’t social media brand savvy, but need to be, that could use your services."

Shanka Pettis, Co-founder, Freedom Faith Life

"I can confidently say that choosing Aaja Corinne The Brand was one of the best choices we've made this year in business.


You are truly equipped and anointed to do this. Thank you for considering Freedom Faith Life as clients."

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Content Development

Build your brand with done for you content that converts, serves and sells.


Content is essential to positioning your brand in the marketplace. Content connects you with an audience and helps you to create brand evangelists; allows you to showcase your brand personality and perspective; helps others to come to know, like, and trust you; and helps you to prove yourself to be a credible source. Your expertise is evaluated and validated through content; so it must be clear, comprehensive, and targeted to help you effectively build your brand. Content also plays an important role in selling yourself and/or your ideas and closing the deal.

Do you have a hard time clearly articulating your brand message and creating consistent, brand enhancing content? Is business writing not your strength or you simply just don’t have the time to develop the content needed to build your brand? My content development services will alleviate the stresses of writing and free up your time to focus on the brand building tasks where you shine the most.

Writing services include:


  • Social media marketing campaigns

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Brand and event marketing collateral

  • Product/service description(s)

  • Media kits (one-page)

  • Event sponsorship packages

  • Press releases

  • Pitch letters




  • Clear messaging that captures your unique brand voice and speaks directly to your target audience and ideal client
  • Brand enhancing content tailored for various platforms that converts, serves, and sells

  • Brand building content that effectively communicates the features, benefits, and value of your offerings


This service is for you if you're ready to position yourself as the "go-to," become a leader in your industry, and close the deal.

Investment: Contact me for a custom quote

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