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"Aaja exceeded my expectations as the host for the 6th Annual Dangerous Curves Ahead charity event. She was so fun, charismatic, confident, relatable, and the audience loved her energy!


Aaja's mentions of all the sponsors, exhibitors and designers were on point. She even strategically stalled the program with a fun, runway contest to engage the audience when we were having problems backstage. The audience was none the wiser, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening!


By far, Aaja was the most well-received host that DCA has ever had, and we'd love to have her back as the host for next year's event."


Tamika Maria Price, Founder, Dangerous Curves Ahead Charity Fashion Show


Need a charismatic, energetic, and relatable host for your next fashion, beauty or entertainment event? Aaja Corinne will keep your crowd engaged and wanting more!


Please e-mail inquiries to

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