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The "Concept to Creation" Brand Strategy Session

Without strategy, execution is aimless.


Do you have ideas on how to take your fashion brand to the next level, but not sure of the best way to execute? Or do you simply feel stuck and need some fresh ideas to engage your audience and distinguish your brand from the competition? We will uncover your branding challenges, and create a 90-day, strategic action plan to help you get unstuck. This session focuses on ways to foster maximum brand visibility, competitive advantage, and increased profitability.


"All of my expectations were met. Aaja Corinne is very inspiring, informative, and provided innovative ideas to grow my business and increase my brand awareness."


Renetta Gunn-Stevens, Owner, The Last Minute Spot


"Aaja Corinne is creative, innovative and trustworthy. Her consultations are a must-have for any business looking to take their vision to the next level."


LaToya Ausley, Owner, Preppy Gyrl Country Club®


Investment includes:


  • Pre-Session Questionnaire

  • 90-minute, Strategy Session (in-person or Skype)

  • 90-Day, Action Plan/Session Summary delivered to you within 3 days following your strategy session

  • Unlimited E-mail Support for 30 days post session

  • 30-minute, Check-in Call post session to celebrate successes and troubleshoot challenges


This session is for you if you desire strategy on how to set your brand on track for marketplace success.


Investment: $500





The Boutique Check-Up  (for brick & mortar retailers)

Check your status.


Visual presentation is the art of silent-selling. Could you be missing out on sales opportunities due to poor product presentation? This service was designed to identify loopholes and explore areas of opportunity with your store presentation and design. After I conduct the Store Audit, a written report with branding recommendations & retail solutions will be delivered to you within 3 business days. The Boutique Check-Up also includes a 30-minute, Q&A follow-up call to help you troubleshoot challenges that may arise during implementation of the proposed solutions.


This package is for you if you want to measure the effectiveness of your store presentation and receive comprehensive feedback on how to enhance your visual appeal to drive sales.




  • Store Audit (Product Placement, Visual Appeal, Brand Consistency, Signage, Presentation Standards)

  • Written Report with Branding Recommendations & Retail Solutions

  • Product Presentation Standards Guide

  • 30-minute, Q&A Follow-Up Call (Phone or Skype)


Investment: $575, + $125 to include Website and Social Media Marketing Audit & Analysis (Platforms, Content Strategy, Visual Appeal, Brand Consistency)


Contact me for more information, and to book.

The Brand Builder (a comprehensive, 1-on-1, fashion boutique launch program)

A solid system to set the foundation for sustainable success.


Through this collaborative, 6-month process, I work with you through the various stages of brand development to help define, refine and structure your business concept to place you on the fast track to marketplace success.


This package is for you if you:


  • Have a passion for the fashion industry, but lack a strong business acumen

  • Need strategies on how to create systems and processes to streamline your business

  • Want to explore areas of opportunity to enhance your sales funnel and maximize revenue streams

  • Want to get in tune with the industry standards of the luxury fashion retail market

  • Want to know how to take your business beyond "product" to a recognizable and consistent brand image, in-store and online

  • Want to learn how to effectively communicate with your audience through your website, marketing materials, and social platforms in a way that establishes you as an industry leader

  • Want to learn how to "drive the business" to accelerate store sales

  • Want to learn the art of visual branding and its direct impact on store sales

  • Desire to create an enhanced, customer experience for shoppers that cultivates brand loyalty


Session Topics include:


  • Brand Identity Analysis (Company Name, Logo, Font and Signature Colors)

  • Brand Messaging (Branding Statement, Brand Story, Social Media Descriptions, Tagline, Hashtags)

  • Brand Positioning (Target Audience, Pricing Strategy)

  • Content Development Best Practices (Website, Social Media, Newsletters, Marketing Materials)

  • Client Engagement & Experience Strategy Development (Customer Service Standards, Policies)

  • Marketing Strategy Development (E-marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Events, Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations)

  • Retail Buying (Trend Forecasting, Collection Planning)

  • Sales Funnel (Products, Services, Revenue Goal-Setting)

  • Visual Presentation (Merchandising Standards, Mannequin Styling, Window Display, Interior Design Conceptual Development)


How It Works:


We meet for a 120-minute, strategy session monthly for (6) six months. Following each session, a Monthly Action Plan/Session Summary is delivered within 3 business days that details tasks to be executed in preparation for the next monthly session.




  • Customized Brand Manual (Brand Standards, Policies, General Company Information, Social Media Editorial Calendar Template, Sales & Marketing Calendar Template, Product Presentation Standards Guide)

  • Comprehensive Report with Branding Recommendations & Retail Solutions

  • Monthly, 30-minute, Check-In Call (Phone or Skype)

  • Unlimited E-mail Support

  • Special Rates for Support Services

  • Recommendations for 3rd Party Affiliate Service Providers

  • Follow-up Session 30-days after the 6-month period concludes to celebrate successes and troubleshoot challenges


Investment: Starting at $6500


Contact me for more information, and to schedule your initial consultation.


***An in-person or Skype, 30-minute initial consultation is required for The Brand Builder. A non-refundable, $100 initial consultation fee applies and will be used towards the deposit of service selected.


Do you have questions about my services? Complete the form on the 'Contact Me' page!

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