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Anyone pursuing purpose knows that it’s more like a series of peaks and valleys than a straight line. Pursuing purpose comes with a ton of transitions—way more than we’d like to admit. You can be experiencing your highest of highs, or lowest of lows, and sometimes both all at the same time!


So, how do you navigate this constant state of transition and maintain your “image” all the same? 


You’ve finally committed to building your brand, but as soon as you find your rhythm, something happens to disrupt your consistency and change your course. It brings you to the space of having so much to say but not knowing how to say it and/or wondering if you even should say it, often leading to you not saying anything at all. In your frustration, you think...


“I feel all over the place!”


Does that sound like you? It’s a feeling that I’ve personally experienced firsthand. Life happens, but truth be told, some of my greatest professional successes were tied to my ability to share my story through both the up seasons and the down seasons. The foundation of any brand is content and the substance of a great brand is a powerful purpose story.


Power In Purpose: How-to Leverage Your Story to Build Your Personal Brand


During this webinar, I will teach you how-to build a game-changing, personal brand through the art of strategic storytelling. The kind of storytelling that helps you to showcase the fullness of who you are without the pressure to paint the picture of someone you’re not. The kind that doesn't have you wondering what to post to maintain your relevance because you have discovered how-to consistently be a person of value. 


You’ll also learn:


  • How-to create a captivating online persona that serves others while playing up your likeability factors 

  • The mistakes costing you social engagement and how to correct them

  • Strategies to organically grow your social media audience without having to spend a dollar 


You don’t have to dip off the scene every time life takes a detour or throws you a curve ball. I’ll show you how-to leverage the good and the unexpected as well as the ups and the downs to create a brand story that serves others and your professional advancement. Class is in session.


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